Runner Categories

It’s simple, register like any other race and select your relationship status,

which then corresponds to a color-coded bib that reflects your status.

What are the categories…glad you asked!


Up for grabs

 If you’re single and looking to meet someone, this is the one for you! Green is your bib color. 


It's complicated

Let’s face it, life's complicated.  Kids?  Hung up on someone?  Slow down and look both ways.  Your bib color is Yellow.


hooked up

What can we say, these guys and girls like to run too. So if you’re in a relationship, then your bib is Red.  Lead the way.

Your Call

Let the other runners know which gender you prefer by applying one or both of the gender stickers included in your packet to your race bib. Just in case you don’t know which is which Male  Female .

Make sure to get on-site early to scope out the scene and take part in the "Foreplay Warm-Up", 15 minutes of the hottest pre-race workout you’ll ever take part in!

Looking forward to seeing you there!